Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Search Queries Will Focus On Semantic In 2015

The new age of SEO isn't as time-consuming or overwhelming as it may sound, so the sooner you can get started the better and easier changing your mindset will be in the future. Optimizing your website is going to be different in 2015 than it has been in the past thanks to something called semantic search. For those who are unfamiliar, semantic search essentially means that Google is going to start focusing more on related terms and words that people are typing into the search query box. This then will naturally mean that websites need to optimize for related words. You have to think about the questions that people will type into a search box, and then in addition to optimizing for keywords, optimize for related words and terms as well.

If Google is worrying about semantic searches, then you can bet that a semantic SEO strategy needs to follow for companies looking to improve in rankings in 2015. This article points out three steps you can take semantic search and transfer that into a new semantic SEO strategy, or have a semantic theme to your webpages:
  1. Consider all of the supporting terms, modifiers, and synonyms whenever completing keyword research. 
  2. Use these keyword terms in all aspects of SEO like you normally would such as in the content on a webpage, titles, h1 and h2 tags, descriptions, etc.
  3. Keep this in mind offsite as well when you contribute content to other websites or even in your PPC ads. 
The below 4 things will help your website optimization:-
Semantic Seo Tools:
Three top tools help your semantic keywords search terms which known as
1) Uber Suggest
2) CTRL Semantic Engine
3) LSI Keywords

Link Building Tactics 2015:
Nowadays links must be earned. Every day submitting directories, forums and get links wait for long days these are not accepted google. Links will focus on buld relationship for business.

Social Media Tactics 2015:
Social media isn't consider pagerank given by google technically. but, social media is a best way to connect customers and build relationship.

Article Writing:
Write an article to your blog with relevant your business and market with different social medias and get rewards by quality contents from others. For SEO content writing post should be a relevant terms of keywords and long tail keywords.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Distribution of Traffic Analysis Tools among websites that use .edu

Distribution of Traffic Analysis Tools among websites that use .edu

See technologies overview for explanations on the methodologies used in the surveys.
Google Analytics is used by 94.5% of all the websites whose traffic analysis tool we know and that use .edu as top level domain.
Google Analytics


New Relic



Adobe Analytics

WordPress Stats




0.7%, 6 December 2014
Percentages of websites using various traffic analysis tools among the sites that use .edu
Note: a website may use more than one traffic analysis tool

More details

You can find usage and market share data for all 137 traffic analysis tools amongst .edu sites in our .edu market report and in our traffic analysis tools market report.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Google Algorithm Update - Penguin 3.0

      After over one year google refresh to penguin 3.0 that one of algorithm. It focus site linking violate google guidelines.

     On Friday 17, Oct 2014 google confirmed to filter penguin update. It is an anticipated update of google history. All are waiting this refresh results.

Google Penguin History
    Google have push certain algorithm such as Panda, Humming bird, Page Rank, Pigeon and Penguin. Some version using refresh their algorithms. Who are violating google guidelines give penalized their sites didn't directly all happened frequently. In According to the penguin algorithm is the sixth update of it's history.

    Below mentioned previous penguin updates :

          Google says, The latest version of this penguin update using new system for roll out algorithm.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Twitter users will streaming audio music via tie-up with Sound Cloud

      Twitter social network community will allow users can play music and audio clips access their time lines. This new feature designed to Sound Cloud  it's Berlin based audio streaming services partnership with Twitter Inc.

       On Thursday introduced their blog on "Audio card", for music artists and listeners can useful this new experience. Somebody says, twitter music is a live version to hear audio.